My Journey from unbeliever to believer.

I was raised in a loving home with two parents – what can be described as a typical family, a dad, a mum and two children. God and religion were not the topic of discussion except as a sort of dinner table analysis. How deep can you discuss philosophy with an eight year old? (I know that some eight year olds can be quite insightful, however I was not one of them.) I came to see religion as a cultural phenomenon and often was found reading about cultures and their religion. I became somewhat an expert on the ancient Egyptian, Scandinavian and Greek mythos and pantheons. The modern Judean/Christian beliefs did not interest me and in the area where I grew up I was not exposed to any Muslims, although I would have not treated them any different from other believers I came across.I did read the Bible but I did not understand why the story of Jesus was repeated four times.

I continued in this state until my very late teens when I started looking at the profiles and working habits of people who were financially successful, I was not at the time and was quite keen to earn some serious money. One thing in common to a lot of these people was their belief in God and many of them attributed their success to this God.

With this new knowledge I started my thought process. First I asked myself ‘is there a God?’ I pondered this and in some way I prayed about it but the result was that I started believing in God. I still had no idea of the nature of God, or his attributes or even if you could assign a Gender to a supreme being. I mean, ‘is God a being’? It was suddenly a confusing thing. One day you don’t believe in God and the next you realise that there is a God. It was as if I had learned something new and I had. What I did not know at the time was that the Holy Ghost, the Testifier of Truth, had confirmed to my spirit this new knowledge. I had had a spiritual witness.and a question was answered. I started to look for more information, I read the Bible again but this time I read it with the inquisitive mind of one who is learning something new. I asked another question, “Can I trust the Bible?”, the answer was again clear, “Yes!”. From there the questions to God came more rapidly, “Is Jesus the Son of God?”, How do I pray? I soon learned that the questions I received answers to straight away were questions that were important and easy to answer. Things I did not get answers to were questions that I had not yet thought deeply enough about or had not yet studied.

I attended a Spiritual Revival, lots of singing, lots of witnessing and a quasi-ceremony asking new believers to accept Jesus. I stood up – I accepted. I felt the spirit witness to me. Then the minister stood up and said what thought was the strangest thing, “now your prayers will be heard by God, whereas before your prayers would bounce of the ceiling now that you have accepted Jesus, your prayers will travel all the way to Heaven”. This confused me, I had felt the witness from the Holy Spirit my prayers has been answered and I had never formally (or informally) accepted Jesus as my Saviour, it had not yet occurred to me to do so. I determined that I needed to do more study and that this study would not come from a revival group meeting. I would look for someone to study with and God would tell me when I learned true principles.

Questions that got answered and I contributed to my testimony.

  • Is there a God? – Yes
  • Is the Bible a book I can trust? – Yes
  • Is Jesus the Son of God? – Yes
  • Are prayers answered? – Yes
  • Are all prayers answered? – Yes, but not always in the way you want.

Later I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but I will discuss that experience in a future entry.

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